Kurdistan Region of Iraq Thanks U.S. Military

As the last U.S. combat brigade departs Iraq, the people of the Kurdistan Region convey their deepest gratitude to each and every member of the U.S. military who fought to bring freedom and democracy to our people. Iraqis — and Kurds in particular — are in debt to the American men and women in uniform for ending the decades of Saddam’s tyranny and oppression.

During the years of combat and conflict, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has been an island of stability, prosperity and coexistence amongst Muslims, Christians and other religions. It has remained stable and secure. No American has been injured or killed as a result of hostile action in the Kurdistan Region. Economically and politically, Kurdistan is evolving into a model for the future of Iraq and a positive example for the entire Middle East.

As the U.S. begins drawing down its forces in Iraq, we look forward to increased diplomatic and economic relations between the U.S., Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Moreover, the KRG welcomes the U.S. Department of State’s decision to establish a diplomatic consulate in Erbil to solidify our mutual strategic, business and cultural interests.

This day is an important one to remember and celebrate, as we owe great thanks to those Americans who defend freedom, democracy and a peaceful future for Iraq and elsewhere, while paying homage to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice securing our freedom.

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