My Decision Not to Run for a Leadership Post in the PUK

Today I officially decided that I will not be running for a leadership position in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) 3rd Congress.

While I am proud to be the son of Jalal Talabani, and the Grandson of Ibrahim Ahmed, the PUK has never been, nor will it ever be a family run party.  Although I feel that over the past ten years I have developed my career, and have worked tirelessly to serve Kurdistan, and strengthen Kurdistan’s relations with the United States, my decision to withdraw my candidacy serves the best interests of the PUK at this crucial time.  As I stated in a recent interview with Awena, every member of the PUK must put their party’s interest before their personal interest.

My decision to withdraw my candidacy, will in-no-way slow me as I continue serving the people of Kurdistan. Nor will it dampen my efforts to continue reforming the PUK.

I want to thank all the PUK members who have expressed their support to me during the party Congress, and wish all the delegates that are running for leadership posts the best of luck in the upcoming leadership elections.


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  1. Shallaw Dilan #

    Dear Qubad

    As i told you before and i will remind you again, your yourself and that what makes you different from the rest of us, regardless for been the sun of mam Jalal Talabani, and grand sun of one of the greatest Kurdish known man Ibrahim Ahmed, you have your own reason to choose not to run for a leadership in the PUK ,But i was hoping people like you will been seen amonge the new PUK members ,i mean active members i know how your busy with KRG and i think your the right person for the right place…don’t forget not every PUK members have you knowledge and way of thinking so make the story short , i do wish you and all PUK all the best because were all PUK and we all have lost Family members a monge PUK .

    By the way i am now in Kurdistan -Sulamani till 5 of July , it will be nice if i could meet you and my father will love to see his old friend Barez Mam Jalal if it’s possible, i know your all busy with the 3rd Congress.

    Best regards

    Shallaw the sun of Mamusta Abdul xhalq Jabari.

  2. Sara #

    Brez Kak Qubad,

    Very wise decision you have made. We need Right person for the right place, which Your’s as of now the right person to be at the KRG office at Washington. DC. You’ll achieve more than you can do in P.U.K party. We as a Kurds need strong relationship and supports from United States more than ever. So, your knowledge and your political experience will establish this task for us. Pleas keep up with the good work regardless of who you are as a president son. So far you have done marvelous job and the history will judge people by what they accomplished not by family name.



  3. 3

    لەگەڵ ڕێزمدا بۆ ئەو بۆچوون و بڕیارەت. من لەگەڵ ئەوەدام کە کەسێک توانای هەبوو، لەخۆی ڕابینی کە کارێکی پێ دەکرێت، ئەوا کەمتەرخەمە کە خۆی دوورە پەرزی بگرێت، بێگوێدانە قسەڵۆک و تەوژمی ناحەز.

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