U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Calling for a U.S. Consulate in Erbil

Today, the Kurdistan Region achieved a milestone victory with the passage of U.S. House of Representatives Resolution 873, calling for the establishment of a U.S. consulate in the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan Regional Government worked tirelessly over the past eight months to push this resolution, which will broaden and deepen our already strong relationship with America.

The resolution affirms continued U.S. commitment to the stability, prosperity and democracy of the Region, even after U.S. troops redeploy under the Status of Forces Agreement—an agreement that originally raised concern over future U.S. support.

While seventeen countries are represented in Erbil, currently consular and citizen services are only provided by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, more than 200 miles away from the safe and secure Kurdistan Region. U.S. citizens and visitors to the Region must travel this distance to receive such services. Establishing a consulate in Erbil, the Kurdistan Region’s capital, will increase travel to the Region and encourage more business investment and government and NGO missions to the area.

The House Resolution accomplishes several goals including: assisting to safeguard Iraqi territory from external aggression and supporting diplomatic initiatives to prevent outside interference in Iraq’s affairs; fostering continued dialogue between the United States and the KRG; and contributing to continued diplomatic initiatives between the KRG and Turkey.

I would like to thank the co-authors of the resolution and members of the Kurdish-American Congressional Caucus who supported this resolution. I also want to thank members of the Kurdistani-American community who worked tirelessly to exercise their rights as American citizens to meet with and encourage members of Congress to support the resolution. Through their efforts to meet with their respective members, we as Kurds have achieved this monumental goal.

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  1. Cardo Yousif #


    This is very good news to hear. I was also wondering if there will be any job opportunities when the consulate opens in Erbil. It would be an honor if I get a chance to serve there. I speak both English and Kurdish fluently, and some Arabic. I have an associated degree in Computer Informations Systems and I’m getting my bachelor’s degree this summer in IT/Business and systems analysis from Oregon Tech.


    Cardo Yousif

  2. Esther Mordechai #

    Hi Qubad! I have been reading about you and I must say that I am quiet impressed with the work that you are doing. I have been following Kurdish politics for the last 15 years and I strongly advocate Free and Independent Kurdistan. To be honest with you, most people in Kurdish community don’t believe me that I am not Kurdish, because of my strong bond and connection with Kurds.
    My people achieved their dream, creating State of Israel in 1948 and may G-d end the centuries long suffering of my Kurdish brothers and sisters, by giving them an opportunity of establishing Free and Independent Kurdistan. As you know, it’s a daily struggle for Jews and it hasn’t been an easy road for us, but with the strength and Patriotism Kurdish people have, the dream will be fulfilled. Bjit Kurdistan, Bjit Israel. Oh, say hello to your wife Sherri (lol I think we belong to the same tribe). Goold Luck. Esther aka Samira

  3. 3

    As an MA student at the University of Sulaimani,I’m overjoyed with this news as it indicates the wide range of progress that our region has witnessed over the last few years in all aspects.Thanks to the great effert made by dear KRG representative Inthe USA Mr. Qubad,who did his best in fact in this vein.This is a great step forward towards securing a brighter future for our lovable homeland,Kurdista.Hopefully, more striking milestones like this will be ahead in the near future.

  4. Ron Griffin #

    Congratulations. This is a great step forward.

  5. David Delshad #

    just about time!!

  6. Dilovan Jacksi #

    Just want to know, when this consulate will be open? because we need US sitizen service in Kurdistan. thanks

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