Kurdistan Regional Government Condemns Murder of Sardasht Osman

The Kurdistan Regional Government has released the following statement:

The Kurdistan Regional Government strongly condemns the kidnapping and murder of Sardasht Osman, who was kidnapped on May 4 by a number of unknown persons in Erbil, and his body was found two days later in Mosul.

The Kurdistan Regional Government considers the murder of Sardasht Osman a major crime, whose aim is to attack stability in the Region as well as jeopardizing people’s lives and freedom. Therefore, the relevant security agencies will continue their vigorous investigation until the criminals are found and are justly tried in court.

The Kurdistan Regional Government is responsible for the safety and security of citizens and takes all legal measures to prevent crime and punish criminals.

While the Kurdistan Regional Government conveys its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sardash Osman, it reiterates that it will spare no effort in finding those who committed this heinous crime.

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  1. Kavo #

    Let me tell you something. Noone can do such a crime in the center of the city, and infront of the University, unless he is not a high mamber of government or political leader. with some respect.

  2. 2

    thanks for help find who kills sardasht

  3. Muhamad Rahim Karim #

    barezan (Blog) a katan dabuaya ba kurdishiy ha buaya……..

    baiwai sarkawtn.
    M.R.K \ kalar

  4. 4

    You know, that is what our authority says about anything wrong would happen but im just saying that the only one who killed that journalist is our government. And who can utter any word against them he or she will be kiled anonymously.
    Unfortunately, us army have killed sadam husain, but we see thousand of sadam’s-like man

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