Kurdistan Region Focuses on the Future of IT in Government

While the United States government IT sector is undergoing significant change under the Open Government Initiative, the Kurdistan Regional Government is also revamping its IT department. Last week, officials met for a two-day conference to discuss the status and future of information technology’s role in the KRG.

Much like the current conversation in the U.S., the conference focused on improving the effectiveness and transparency of government, opening up information, and making data readily accessible for potential investors.

Although the KRG established the Information Training Technology Center in Erbil in September 2009, ministries still send regular mail to communicate with each other and some have yet to develop IT departments. Now it is a priority to establish a sound, secure network to connect ministries and to enable the ease of sharing information with citizens.

But the KRG cannot fulfill such a goal alone. We’ve brought in experts from the UK, Scotland, Bahrain, Geneva and Ireland to make sure our goals are realistic and transparent.

Currently the KRG IT department is drafting its vision and mission for information technology in the Kurdistan Region, with the ultimate goal of supporting economic development, modernizing administration and service delivery through electronic government, and enhancing the KRG’s technology capacity. It’s just one more step we’re taking to ensure our Region is well suited for long-term economic development and continued modernization.

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