Commemorating Memorial Day in the Kurdistan Region

On behalf of the people of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, I would like to express thanks and deep gratitude this Memorial Day to all the American soldiers who have given their lives to free us from Saddam’s tyranny.  Iraqis—and Kurds in particular—owe a debt of thanks to American troops, veterans, and military families—all of whom have played a role in ending decades of oppression in Iraq.

Currently, I am in the Kurdistan Region. Yesterday U.S. House Representatives Lincoln Davis and Brian Baird also visited Kurdistan. During their visit they expressed recognition and appreciation for the friendship of the people of the Kurdistan Region toward Americans and the U.S. government. Our appreciation is especially true this Memorial Day.

In fact, when President Barzani met with the Congressmen, he reminded them that not a single U.S. soldier has been killed or even wounded in the Kurdistan Region since the war in Iraq began in 2003. This is a sign of the friendship and appreciation that exists between our people and the United States.

So this day is an important one to remember and celebrate, as we owe great thanks to those Americans who have fallen and continue to fight for freedom, democracy and a peaceful future.

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