Turkey Leads List of Importers in the Kurdistan Region

I am not surprised to see the latest figures from the Kurdistan Region’s Import and Export Association showing that Turkey tops the list of importers in the Kurdistan Region. Both the KRG and Turkey have been working hard to improve relations—with trade and investment as the basis of a new relationship.

This continually developing relationship bodes well for the people of the Kurdistan Region, as well as for the U.S., which has increasingly aligned allies in the Middle East.

By investing early and more than any other country, Turkey has a reaped the benefits, earning approximately 80 percent of goods sold in the area. Turkey also accounts for 55 percent of the foreign companies registered in the Kurdistan Region. Turkish Consul General Mehmet Aydin Selcen estimates the country’s investment at over $9 billion.

The KRG is now looking to expand trade relationships beyond the Middle East, focusing on opportunities in the U.S. and European countries. The Import and Export Association is sending a delegation to France to develop deals with French companies to bring their products to Region. We, of course, also highly encourage the U.S. to promote increased trade and investment.

While we as a government MUST focus on developing locally produced or manufactured goods, we do welcome quality foreign ones. I am pleased to see our efforts to strengthen Kurdistan’s economic ties with foreign countries blossoming as these steps will forge lasting bonds of friendship and interdependency.

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  1. salah #

    Hello Mr Talabani.
    I think KRG should invest tenergy in agriculture.We need industry to keep away young boy from the street.I don’t want to see Turkish product everywhere.
    Kurd from Koya

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