Progress and Power in the Kurdistan Region

Here is another indication of the progress we are making in providing services to our people, being united as a government and attracting foreign investment. While Iraq as a whole continues to struggle with black outs and to provide electricity for citizens, the Kurdistan Region is making considerable headway in repairing and building its infrastructure.

Just recently, the Region has attracted international power providers (IPP) to build two plants to generate electricity. Even though the lights may still go out every few hours, the electricity switches back on immediately. The people in the Kurdistan Region experience a lot less disruptions then 30 years ago, during Saddam Hussein’s era, when power would be down several hours a day. And, when a third plant is completed by the end of this year, we hope to provide 24 hour power supply to our Region. Now the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity is following the Kurdistan Region’s example and seeking contracts with IPPs.

We have come a long way, and still have much to do, but we are proud of how we as a Region are setting a positive example. All this is possible because the Kurdistan Region is fulfilling its goals of self-improvement and good governance. We must continue to work hard to attract foreign investment, while improving our governance and accountability. There remain so much investment and business development opportunity in the Kurdistan Region and I am thankful that this is finally being recognized.

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