Kurdistan Regional Government Commemorates Iraq Liberation Day

To commemorate Iraq Liberation Day, I issued the following statement today:

On behalf of the people of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, I extend our deepest gratitude to the United States and the U.S. military for their role in liberating Iraq from tyranny and oppression, and for partnering with us as we build a federal democracy. Thanks to the sacrifices and valor of U.S. and coalition troops—including active duty members, veterans and members of their families—Iraq has achieved many successes. It has drafted and ratified a permanent constitution, conducted two nationwide parliamentary elections, and brought about greater stability. Although much progress still needs to be made, which requires continued support and encouragement from the U.S., Iraq remains grateful for being given the opportunity to determine its own democratic destiny. Today, we celebrate the courage, commitment and sacrifice of all those who have fallen and who continue to fight in support of Iraq’s freedom.

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