Kurdistan Region Passes Its Budget

Well timed with the speech I delivered last week on transparency and good governance, the Kurdistan Regional Government has passed its 2010 budget—an accomplishment that highlights the great deal of progress our government has made in recent years. As the Kurdish Globe put it:

“After two months and 20 days of working and 13 sessions of discussions on the Kurdistan Region’s 2010 draft budget, and after all the articles and paragraphs of the draft law were scrutinized, discussed in detail, and voted for separately, the Kurdistan Regional Parliament voted for and passed the budget….”

Within this year’s budget, education and housing have been given increased importance, reflecting the KRG’s goals of investing in the Region’s people to insure our future. The budget allocates funding for higher educational standards and more scholarship opportunities for university students abroad.

Building on previous governments’ achievements, this year’s budget was effectively prepared in the public forum, incorporating feedback and debate in a transparent manner. The whole Region was able to following the process. In doing so, we’re working to ensure that public funds are being spent fairly and appropriately to meet the needs of the people of the Kurdistan Region.

This is exactly the type of step I spoke of last week. Steadily the KRG is progressing, fulfilling its goals of self-improvement and good governance. We have come a long way, and still have much to do, but we be proud about how we as a Region are setting a positive example.

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