Voting in the Iraqi Elections While in the U.S.

Almost 200 members of the Kurdish community of the Greater Washington Area gathered on Saturday for an informational seminar on the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

A lively discussion ensued following a presentation from trainers from the Independent Iraqi Electorial Commission, including Serbest Mufti, the head of the IHEC in the United States. They provided an overview of the process, procedures, requirements and regulations you need to know if you’re voting from the U.S.

What came to light during the Q&A period was that many of the Kurds who left Iraq in the 1970s and 1980s to flee the oppression of Saddam Hussein no longer have identification proving their Iraqi citizenship. We are trying to determine a way to resolve this issue, so all American Kurds have a voice in Iraq.

For more information on the upcoming elections, be sure to visit A video of the seminar will be posted, along with plenty of information youll need to vote.

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