Message for International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day, commemorated by the United Nations each year, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barham Salih sent out a message to the women of Kurdistan and the world:

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, I congratulate the women of Kurdistan and the world. We, in the Kurdistan Regional Government, assure that we will continue to defend women’s rights, work to promote their role in society, and create a suitable platform that helps them to actively participate in the political process, governance and all areas.

We would like to announce on this occasion that the Kurdistan Regional Government has a program that promotes women’s role in all government ministries and institutions. For that, the Cabinet prepared a draft law to establish the Supreme Women’s Council to defend women’s rights and needs.

I echo his sentiments, as the role of women in Kurdish society—and all societies—cannot be understated. In the most recent issue of Capitol File magazine, I remarked on these important issues. You can read the brief article here:

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    Dear kak Qubad,

    I thank you and the KRG Prime Minister Dr. Barham Salih for recognizing the importance of “international women’s day” for Kurdish women, congratulating them, and addressing the vitality of women’s equality in Kurdistan.

    The progress noted and the requirements for further progress in your remarks have been rightly pointed out.

    As a scholar who has spent years studying and understanding societies and their components – with evidence, I suggest, while civil society organizations including women’s organizations for equality are in the process of formation in Kurdistan, KRG and the relevant social, political and economic institutions must apply methods which keep “social cohesion” of Kurdish and Kurdistan societies intact.

    Stable “social cohesion” is the key to the successful progress of “equal society”. The “just masculine power” can contribute to the formation of “equal opportunity, and equal society”, Kurdish men must participate.

    Kind regards,

    Karim Hasan

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    slaw.brwabka hichi le tenagam xozga basheke kurdi bwaya bm twanyaya xzmateke bkam….bahar7al dast xoshw sarkawtubit….

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