Praise for Female Lawmakers in Kurdistan

While the United States federal government has been shut down under record amounts of snow this week, the Kurdistan Regional Government never slowed. In fact, our government received praise this week for its successful inclusion of female lawmakers in the political process.

According to an article by UPI, Befrin Hussein Khalifa—the youngest woman in the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament—feels the Kurdistan Region is a “vibrant political situation for women”:

She said that there was a “wide representation” of women in the Kurdish government, describing it as both as a testament to their tenacity and the willingness of the KRG to embrace reforms…. We deal with our male parliamentary colleagues as equals, and we do not feel anything separates us from them,” she said.

The 2009 elections, which were hailed by independent observers and NGOs as free and fair, helped create more diversity in Kurdistan’s political landscape. We hope each year brings even more progress and more diversity, thus continuing our path to democracy.

Certainly we also continue to look forward to March 7, when Iraq will hold its second parliamentary elections since Saddam’s fall. This will be a crucial vote for a nation accustomed to centralized rule. The peaceful transition from one elected government to the next will determine the future of the country. Be sure to check back here for updates on the Iraqi elections.

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    Weather conditions do not influence the power of the force.

    The increase in the representation of women in Kurdistan Region parliament is a very important step in the direction of “equal and just Kurdistan society”.

    Women’s rights and freedoms in Kurdistan region has improved significantly since 2003. These rights and freedoms have to be responsiblized in effective and productive manner.

    Kurdish voice would have been stronger, had the all the regions which have been left to be returned under Kurdistan Regional Government administration were part of Kurdistan Region and were represented in KRG parliament. This is a task left to be completed by the next Kurdish representatives in Baghdad, KRG parliament and KRG representatives abroad.

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